July 2006 - "Michael absolutely and totally fell in love with the painting. Yesterday was his birthday - he called me to say how he was sitting and looking at it and was seeing "the most awesome things - doorways and portals etc. I asked him what it all meant to him and he said he saw new things each time he concentrated. That it truly spoke to him and was by far the nicest thing he had ever been given."
Angela, Texas who gifted a painting to her son Michael (28).
Michael (2006)Michael (2008)

January 2007 - "Alex and I love the paintings you did for us. Thank you so much. We've hung them over our respective sides of the bed and they've turned the room into a colourful haven of loveliness. They absolutely hold a lot of personal meaning - while they are complementary, their differences reflect our own differences. Mine is more stable, peaceful and flowy, while his is darker and more intense. It's pretty amazing how you captured aspects of our personalities so accurately, considering you've never met Alex. One thousand thank yous."
Shasta, Florida
For ShastaFor Alex

2007 - "Thank you so very much for your incredible gift in honour of my mother. I am amazed that Wendy could intuit so much of my thoughts of Mother into this painting. At this point, the tears are the most prominent emotion that I see. They bring me a feeling of both sadness and joy which captures my grief on her passing from us, over shadowed by my hopes that she is finding joy in her present path - a path she leads for us to follow some day. I shall forever cherish this beautiful painting because I believe it will continue to provide me insight but mostly because it will remind me also of your sincere thoughtfulness."
Sally, Virginia thanking Olivia for her gift.
For Sally

October, 2008 - "The reading painting was a gift from my sister. I was thrilled to receive it. The colors are amazing - and the longer I looked at it the more it spoke to me. I began to see figures and forms and always felt that the focal point had some deep meaning but I couldn't quite grasp what it was. I felt it was calling me to the mountains and was telling me that there I would find my home as well as deep peace. I spent hours lost in the painting - and came to recognize a deep inner peace it conveyed. Anyway...after nearly 2 years we have found a wonderful home in the mountains of New Mexico and will be moving there soon. I will continue my work as a hospice nurse and know that this move marks another chapter in my life. Thank you Wendy for sharing your gifts - your paintings are hanging in the homes of both son and daughter - and have helped them find their Life Path."
Angela (Kiwi born dual citizen).
For Angela