In 2004 I began to follow the path of my heart by taking painting classes with Vjekoslav Nemesh. His wonderfully free intuitive style of working resonated with my soul and I was soon hooked. Prior to this I was working as a Legal Executive. I had always been "arty" but hadn't considered art as a serious career option before.

Right from my first painting at art class I had this amazing spirit like figure seemingly appear out of nowhere. I couldn't stop looking at him wondering who he was and how he got there and no I wasn't going to leave the painting to dry until next week, it was going home with me.

Since then I have done many paintings and it is commonplace to have interesting figures and images appear in my paintings.

I mostly use oils for their slow drying properties and a palette knife which allows me to move the paint around for longer and also encourages the unexpected. Some paintings are finished quite quickly and others lead me on a merry dance before revealing their story. Some have a smooth one layer finish and others are multilayered and textured. The way I work requires total concentration and becomes like a meditation. Complete focus in the present moment. Time seems to slip away as I step into another world.

Thank you for looking at my website and I hope you will enjoy my paintings.

Vjekoslav Nemesh My teacher
Ian Gooch My first student
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